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AVB Switches

  • LabX Titanium 411:
    Discontinued. Working nicely with some bugs, that wont be fixed. The SFP is working with a Fanisar Multimode LC fiber port (GBit).
  • DSP4U AVB Switch:
    Quite powerful, if accessed via RS232. It can also act as AVB endpoint with an I2S interface. I have to figure out on how to use it. You need a Marvell SDK for development. As usual Marvell is not willing to cooperate. No NDA, and thus no access to the SDK and documentation.
  • Extreme Networks x440-24t:
    24 Port AVB switch with small data center capabilities. Everything you can wish to have for development. The shared SFP is working with a Fanisar Multimode LC fiber port (GBit). But takes extra AVB license.


Atterotech XR-AVB-LC-BRD Board: Development board with analog I/O

DSP4U AVB-DG Board: Small OEM board with simultaneous I2S I/O. These would rather make my Behringer ADA8k (which is quite an undertaking) and Yamaha 01v (w. ADAT) AVB ready.

Now my Sound Reinforcement System Breakout AVB Devices for the B1800-d Pro and EAW KF300 are ready and working flawlessly!

Now they have a nice home!

Open AVB

Intel AVB Linux driver for I210 NIC.

At the moment I have three Linux machines running with OpenAVB. Now I am waiting to either find the time to implement the GStreamer AVB Plugins or to wait for someone else to do it. :-)


I found an industrial mainboard with an AMD APU. Goal was to achieve low latency HD streaming.
The first approach was a Blackmagic Design Deckling 4k HDMI capture card. After two months the BMD support was not able to get it working. Second time I made this experience. BMD Linux support is NOT TRUE!!!

The Second approach was with a Mobius Actioncam. Until now it seems the Video4Linux2 or UVC drivers buffer to much data. Nothing I did decreased the video latency below ~100ms and I was just watching "/dev/video0" and not streaming.


Qt/Python based AVDECC Controller Software. It is still in an early phase. The next step ahead is to write Cython bindings to interface with the audioscience avdecc-lib.

After that, there shall be a jack-like connection visualisation, with Bézier curves showing established connections.


Bachelor Thesis

"Entwicklung einer Audio- / Video-Bridge (AVB) nach IEEE 802.1AVB mit Audiofilterfunktionen"

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Audio Video Bridging unter Linux - Multimedia-Brücke

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