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My Linux Audio and Video Projects

Behringer ADA 8k Modifications

Replaced the power supply capacitors to 1000uF instead of 470uF.

Replaced input operation amplifiers from TL074/TL072 to OPA1644/OPA1642.

Measurement results will follow... But my Ear-Measurement says: WOW!!!

Next step is to make it AVB ready with an DSP4U AVB-DG OEM board.

24 Fader MIDI-2-OSC Faderboard

A DIY project with PIC microcontrollers running MIOS MIDIBox to control Ardour/Harrison Mixbus via OSC.

The development has stopped, because the 24 faders are damaged (origin was an old Yamaha mixing console in service).
The faders are behaving... No calibration possible. Video:

MIDI Guitar Amp Switcher

This device switches the loudspeaker input of my Marshall 1960 guitar speaker to the correct amplifier: Either Engl Powerball or Marshall JTM60. The guitar input is just splitted with a Palmer splitbox. It is a DIY project with a PIC microcontroller running MIOS MIDIBox.