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  • "GPGPU with Python, Numpy/Scipy and Reikna"
  • "Raspberry Pi with Wolfson Audio Interface an Realtime Kernel"

My Linux Audio and Video Projects

Virtual Bass Man

  • Transcribtion of Bass Recordings to MIDI with Sonic Visualiser and the Aubio VAMP-Plugins - very nice one!
  • RBM-RNN (Restricted Boltzmann Machine-Recurrent Neural Network) to generate new MIDI Notes, based on a MIDI files corpus. Trains 11 hours on the standard corpus.
  • Muse MIDI Sequencer
  • Qsampler with Linux Sampler
  • Ibanez Fingered Bass Sample Library, extended by a low octave (40Hz - 80Hz) - not yet working, for reasons unknown...

Guitarix Guitar FX Laptop

  • Lenovo i5 Gen 2 with Focusrite Scarlett Solo
  • Guitarix
  • LADSPA Plugin to control MIDI Guitar Amp Switcher

Linux Studio DAW with RME HDSP9652

Fanless 1RU DAW with RME HDSP9652.
Abondoned, since the PCI riser connection has proven to be unreliable.

  • PSU: picoPSU-80 DC/DC (80 Watt) py CarTFT
  • Mainboard: AS Rock AD2550-ITX
  • CPU: Intel Atom D2550
  • Peripherals: 2GB RAM, GBit ETH, USB 3.0

Generic ASUS AM3+ Board with AMD FX-4370 (4x4GHz)

  • Audio Interface: RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652
  • OS: Linux Mint 17 w. Low Latency Kernel Version?
  • Recording: Ardour3
  • Monitoring: HDSPmixer
  • Drum Computer/Metronome: Hydrogen
  • Remote Control: Puredata Extended

MIDI Sysex to OSC Gateway, RF-Meter

Command and Control of Yamaha Digital Mixers.

MIDI Sysex to OSC Gateway (msog) implements remote control functionality for the Yamaha LS9 and 01v96 mixing desks. The Software forwards stateless MIDI SysEx messages converted to Open Sound Control (OSC) messages running on the Raspberry Pi hardware.
RF-meter converts the wireless signal strength to a pink noise audio signal with relative amplitude.





The Python Audio Measurement Tool, utilized the GPU for FFT calculation with Reikna and the Python bindings of the Jack Audio Connection Kit .

It is running with OpenCL now.

  • The Intel OpenCL driver library - Beignet is under active development, but lacks some basic calculation methods to fully support PyOpenCL. The most recent Version is 9.2. It is not in the repositories yet. Compiling it, depends on the MESA drivers to be compiled as well, which is a real monster!... No success yet...
  • The NVidia OpenCL driver library supports only OpenCL 1.1, but PyOpenCL uses OpenCL 1.2.
  • The AMD OpenCL driver library is working, one has to use the proprietary AMD drivers

Here is some profiling with Reikna predecessor PyFFT.

Game Streaming Server

A game server prototype shall be implemented along with an Java Client. The Server utilizes the H.264 videocodec with RTP streaming for the graphics output and an Open Sound Control (OSC) server for the user input. According to that the client software creates OSC commands and provides a graphical application to display the H.264 videostream.


A video conferencing client prototype based on the Python bindings of libvlc with RTSP signaling.

In this project, the concept and design of the Python Video Conferencing Client (pyVCC) and it's development process is described. PyVCC utilizes the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) to establish a session between two clients. The two pyVCC clients share their audio and video (AV) data using the Realtime Transport Protocol (RTP).

GStreamer-1.0 (Version 1.5.2)

Linux Audio Multimedia Framework

Very nice workflow! t.b.c.


Qt/Python OSC Controller in 45min.



Wolfson RT Pi

Wolfson Audio Interface is destroyed, to safe future living time (enough was wasted). No duplex operation possible. Lost Money.