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  • "Fuzzy Logic Heating Control for OpenHAB"

My Open Home Automation Bus


  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Switches, Thermostates, Valves, Energy Measurement, ... No Specifics, because I don't want someone else to control my heatings :-)
  • Energenie Binding Extension for Measurement is working, or not... the devices need a reset in short intervals, so I dont use them anymore.

Automatic Speech Recognition System

I thought about controlling my home automation via voice. There are a lot of ways to do this by now. The way I am approaching it, is to customize the ASR system and to have different roomes connected via AVB to it. The ASR server has a Intel I210 NIC and accepts IEEE1722 streams. The endpoints are DSP4U dongles combined with a MEMS mic and some DAC. The MEMS mics are the inputs for AVB talker, which send their streams to the ASR server. The ASR server has the according number of AVB listeners, matching the number of rooms. For each room an ASR instance is executed, also. The identification of the room, in which the voice command was given, is required by the home automation to execute the given command in that room. Feedback is then send to the AVB endpoint listeners, which play the signal via the DAC and some active speakers.
The server software combines the GStreamer 1.0 framework with Pocketsphinx and Open-AVB via a C++ application. This server application is only running with Pulseaudio, so far. The buffering between GStreamer and Pocketsphinx has to be dealt with.
The speech recognition is based on the Pocketsphinx library and Sphinx tools. A generic german acoustic model, provided by Voxforge, is used along with its dictionary, which will be extended continuously. I will pay more attention to the language model, since I came across recurrent neral networks, during my studies. The report of my research project “Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing“ can be found under the following link:

Plant Irrigation

  • 6x Gardena 24VAC Vents
  • Gardena Vent Box -> keeps leaking, no matter what I do!?!?!?!
  • 24VAC Transformer -> Some old 220V Transformer of my Grandpa, may he rest in peace.
  • 16x Relay with Ethernet by Sainsmart -> requires some hacking with a proxy and Scapy, since burning a new IP address didn't work.
  • Wateralarm -> cutting off water supply, which is layn all across the living room. Quite relyable! :-)
  • Dripper and Hoses -> Gardena and ALDI Stuff working nicely at this point.